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The fact is that Addiction Treatment in America is an embarrassment. What sense does it make to take a person addicted to drugs and put them on another addictive prescribed drug, and pronounce them cured? This is insanity, yet society acquiesces to this on a continuing basis. The few people that speak out about this are shunned by the medical establishment as quacks, yet guess who is Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Shreveport LA 71101 getting the last laugh. The success of alternative all-natural treatments is undeniable, but mainstream medicine can’t write prescriptions and profit from all-natural cures, so they lambast them instead.

Columbia University did a study about addiction treatment in America, and issued a scathing report. Maybe it will shake the medical community to its core, maybe not. The Chair of CASA Columbia National Advisory Commission on Addiction Treatment, Drew E. Shreveport LA 71101 Altman, PhD, summed-it up this way: “In homes, doctors’ offices, hospitals, schools, prisons, jails and communities across America, misperceptions about addiction are undermining medical care. Although advances in neuroscience, brain imaging and behavioral research clearly show that addiction is a complex brain disease, today the disease of addiction is still often misunderstood as a moral failing, a lack of willpower, a subject of shame and disgust. Addiction Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Shreveport LA 71101 affects 16 percent of Americans ages 12 and older–40 million people. That is more than the number of people with heart disease (27 million), diabetes (26 million) or cancer (19 million). Another 32 percent of the population (80 million) uses tobacco, alcohol and other drugs in risky ways that threaten health and safety.”

A Better Treatment Approach

The most successful drug treatment protocol is one that includes the Mind, Shreveport LA 71101 Body and Soul connection. It is these three parts that make up the whole being, the Holistic Sanctuary of the Soul, and hold the key to a lasting cure that will break the cycle of addiction. We must find a way to dig deep into an addict’s psyche and determine what were the triggers that set the addictive patterns into motion. Finding the underlying cause, or the Shreveport LA 71101 root of the problem, is the path to neutralizing it. It must be done from within the addict’s mind, they just need the opportunity to open the window and discover what their problems are.

The Body can be healed from just about anything. The use of non-habit forming vitamins, herbs and plant extracts can repair damaged cells in the body, and promote the growth of fresh new cells, Shreveport LA 71101 without the imprint of addiction on them. Even damaged brain cells can be repaired or replaced by new brain cells. And all without prescription drugs. Sound too good to be true? All of the above is happening right now thanks to the discovery of the “Pouyan Method”. Incredibly, before and after Brain Scans of addicts show a remarkable return of brain activity in drug damaged areas of Shreveport LA 71101 the brain. So this isn’t just wishful thinking, this is the real thing!

More About The “Pouyan Method”

The mainstream medical establishment will tell you that there is no cure to Heroin addiction, while at the same time pushing drugs that elongate the addicts cycle. I am here to tell you that Heroin addicts are being cured at The Holistic Sanctuary” in Baja, California on a continuing basis. Shreveport LA 71101 This is a treatment center that treats addicts like human beings. They are not forced to wash dishes and clean the bathrooms like in other so-called drug treatment centers. Nor are they looked down upon and made to carry the burden of being an outcast of society.

This is a place where multiple holistic therapies are combined, yielding remarkable results. Plants and herbs are used to cleanse the Shreveport LA 71101 body, and expand the person’s awareness of their own psyche. They are constantly monitored and given support throughout the process. I have never seen such a Menu of Therapies available in one location anywhere on the planet. The trained medical personnel can implement those modalities that will best serve the patient on an individual basis.

Imagine every cell in your body being bathed in the freshest, purest Oxygen Shreveport LA 71101 through the powers of the Hyperbaric Chamber. IV Drips of Amino Acids, Peptides, Nutrients, and others will nourish the body on a cellular level, while Chelation Therapy will remove toxic metals from your body. Perhaps Yoga or Reiki/Chigong/Pranic Healing will be used. Sea Salt Baths are a real treat for the body as well. The point is that they have therapies available that most Physicians know little Shreveport LA 71101 if anything about.

For goodness sake, if you or a loved one has drug abuse problems, you owe it to you and your family to check this place out and get a new lease on life.

Heroin Drug Rehab Treatments without suffering through withdrawal symptoms are now the new norm at The Holistic Sanctuary.

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